The Amazing Cover Letter Creator

Why Amazing Cover Letter Creator?

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator can save you from making one of the biggest job hunting mistakes ever- sending a weak or generic motivational letter along with your application. Imagine hundreds of people competing for the same position as you, every single one of them with their impressive resumes and diplomas. How are you going to stand out? What about the way you have presented yourself will make the potential employer want to call you and set up an interview?

Your best and probably only shot is a strong, well-worded cover letter. One that can sell you. This is what the Amazing Cover Letter Creator is for. It is not some step-by-step writing instructions, it actually composes the letters for you. The software is very easy to work with and a few clicks are all that stands between you and the personalized marketing message that can help you get your foot in the door. And since landing a job does not end with you receiving a call for an interview, the free bonuses include e-books on how to act during the meeting itself and how to negotiate the salary you feel you deserve. You also get the Follow Up/ Thank You letter templates. All will come in quite handy when talking and charming your way to that new, well-paying position.

The actual purchase of the product is a bit tricky. During the video presentation on the official website, the Basic Package is offered at $39.95 and an upgrade to Gold, which includes the Amazing Resume Creator, is available for $9.95. You can act on that and pay these prices, or you can try to close the page and read what the pop-up chat box says. At the time this product was reviewed the box contained another, cheaper offer- $19.95 for the Basic Amazing Cover Letter Creator Package and additional $9.95 for the Gold. There is an interesting marketing lesson to be learned here, don`t you think?

Who is Behind Amazing Cover Letter Creator?

In Business Since

June 28, 2002


  • Author of over 500 articles published in Job Bank USA, Job Seeker Weekly, The Star Tribune, Career News, etc.
  • 25+ years of experience in marketing and sales letter writing
  • Founder of Career Jimmy

What is Amazing Cover Letter Creator?


  • Create a focused, attention-grabbing cover letter in no time at all, using the Amazing Cover Letter Creator
  • Stand out from the other applicants
  • Get booked for the quality interviews you want
  • Cut down the job search time and stress
  • Make the the most of the included bonuses- learn how to act during the interview and how to negotiate the salary you want
  • If you decide to go with the Gold Package- create a resume that, combined with your already amazing cover letter, will not let you go unnoticed

What You Get

  • The Amazing Cover Letter Creator- Including Follow Up/ Thank You Letter Templates

Plus these useful bonuses:

  • The Amazing Job Interview Success E-book
  • The Big 3 Salary Negotiations Secrets E-book
  • Lifetime Updates

An upgrade to the Gold Package for additional $9.95 also gets you:

  • The Amazing Resume Creator


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • On Sale

Adam’s Opinion on Amazing Cover Letter Creator

Our Thoughts

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator uses clever marketing techniques to make you stand out from the other applicants and get you the job interviews you want. The available bonuses and extras can also help you write an impressive resume, ace the interview itself and successfully negotiate the desired salary. Watch out for the pop-up chat box when you try to leave the page- this is when you get the $19.95 special discount offer, instead of the $39.95 one made during the video presentation.

Thoughts on The Price

Fair - On par with other products like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • Original
  • High Quality