Blogging with John Chow

Why Blogging with John Chow?

There are millions of blogs on the internet, and you likely read or subscribe to a few out there. While you're enjoying the written content, you know the owner is making money behind the scenes. It sounds like a really fun way to make extra cash or even start a new full-time career. But where do you start?

John Chow is an expert in the blogging world. He specializes in affiliate marketing, which means he gets paid to blog. He's seen tremendous success in the past 8 years, and now he wants to share all his secrets with you. Even if you don't currently have a blog, he'll take you through the process of creating one, gaining readers, and making money. It won't happen over night, but if you're persistent you could achieve financial freedom.

Right away you know "I can do this!" You don't need special skills and you can write about your life and the things you already know. It won't happen overnight, because this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But with your time and effort - and John's proven tricks - you'll soon be making money and living the life of your dreams.

Who is Behind Blogging with John Chow?

In Business Since

September 5, 2012


  • Created a personal blog ( and had incredible success including: (1) went from $0 earnings to $40,000 in just 2 years; (2) ranked #16 in the AdAge Power 150 list; and (3) ranked #1 in the list of Top 50 Canadian Marketing Blogs
  • Won the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Award for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog
  • Featured in sources such as the Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and BC Business Magazine

What is Blogging with John Chow?


  • No special experience required – you simply blog about what you already know
  • Make money with as little as 2 hours work per day
  • No commuting or bosses, and the ability to create your own schedule
  • Attain financial freedom doing something you love

What You Get

The Blogging with John Chow Blueprint e-book contains the following modules:

  • Blogging 101: Building Bank Accounts
  • Launching Your Blog
  • Brand-O-Nomics
  • Content is King/Supreme/Overload/Duke – You Name It
  • Monetizing 101
  • Hunting Down Readers
  • Optimizing for Google – Being Google’s Best Friend


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • On Sale

Adam’s Opinion on Blogging with John Chow

Our Thoughts

We highly recommend Blogging with John Chow. John is an expert in the field of affiliate marketing and has proven success on a number of blogs. This product is excellent for beginners because it will help you start up a new blog, gain readers, optimize for Google, create content that will keep people coming back, and set up ads and affiliates to start bringing in cash. John Chow admits that it took him two years to take his personal blog from $0 to $40,000 earnings, so he is not claiming you will get rich quick. Follow his tips, and with your own hard work and persistence, you will start to see your blog earnings grow.

Thoughts on The Price

Good Value - totally worth it!

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.