Dot Com Secrets X

Why Dot Com Secrets X?

Have you ever wanted to work from home? If you have, then, you have probably have come across the many work from home coaches promising you millions of shillings from their courses but insist on payment of thousands of dollars upfront before you make even a single coin! Don’t they know that the money they want is the reason you are there? Why wouldn't they just give you their money making system and then after you made your money, you can pay them back?

The Dot Com Secrets X system has been designed to give you the chance to make money first and pay later. In this system, you will start by building your list through the use of squeeze pages and auto responders after which you will be taught on the best ways to drive traffic into your squeeze pages and websites. You will then learn how to convert the high oncoming traffic into sales. Through this system, you will also learn the importance of email lists in earning you great online income. You will be taught how to create email lists and use them to your advantage.

It is everyone’s dream to become financially stable and to live a lifestyle free from debt. This is the beauty of this program. It will secure your financial freedom and teach you what you need to do to become your own boss. Because it is almost free for the first month, there is no harm in trying out this system as it may be your gateway to riches.

Who is Behind Dot Com Secrets X?

In Business Since

October 25, 2000


  • An internet Marketing Millionaire
  • Runs the conquer your niche marketing forum which specializes on how to start and grow internet businesses.
  • Runs the 12 months internet millionaire program which is famous since inception in 2007
  • Offers Seminars and coaching to other internet marketers
  • Is a specialist on affiliate marketing programs.

What is Dot Com Secrets X?


  • Get others to join this program and receive $40 a month for every month they register.
  • Gain financial freedom within few months of usage.
  • Registration for first month is only a dollar for the first month to ensure you will only pay after you are satisfied with the system.
  • Gain valuable training and coaching by watching the creator of this product to guarantee success

What You Get

  • Access to a private private members only archive with free training materials worth over $100,000.
  • One Video lesson everyday teaching you exactly what to do.
  • Gain Self Liquidating Offer (SLOs).
  • An auto responder is freely installed for you.
  • Two free secrets on web traffic.
  • Access to the programs high networks.
  • Get a print news letter worth $97
  • Free DCS monthly journal


  • 100% Merchant Guarantee

Adam’s Opinion on Dot Com Secrets X

Our Thoughts

Since this system does not need you to pay any upfront fees for usage and from the many positive reviews available online on the system, it is worth trying out and checking whether it will be your avenue for making money online.

Thoughts on The Price

Fair - On par with other products like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • High Quality