Eat Stop Eat

Why Eat Stop Eat?

Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike encounter some very specific problems when dieting and managing their weight through feeding adjustments. Well, they are not the only ones who experience them, we all do, but those two groups seem to pay more attention to what is actually happening with their bodies when they lose weight. That is why Eat Stop Eat has been a hit in these circles ever since it hit the grid.

A lot of the programs out there claim to deliver rapid, effortless and permanent results and sound so easy, so doable, that it`d be impossible to fail, right? Wrong! Often what we shake off is just water or too much muscle and not enough fat. Plus, our hormones go crazy, we get moody, fatigue, our energy drops, our workouts or general physical activities hit the floor. Eat Stop Eat introduces a whole different ballgame. Based on simple principles known to mankind since practically forever and updated with the help of latest scientific data, intermittent fasting paves the way to a healthy, happy body.

The fact that you are still on this page means you are after a smart, tested weight management solution provided by someone who truly knows the field, instead of just another fashionable diet idea with questionable qualities. And you are looking at it. Eat Stop Eat is not your average weight loss book, but then again, you are not average yourself, are you?

Who is Behind Eat Stop Eat?

In Business Since

May 30, 2007


  • Holds an honors degree in nutrition
  • Has held a high managerial position at a successful sports supplement company
  • Quit his job and dedicated himself to researching the effects intermittent fasting has on the metabolism
  • Awarded amateur bodybuilder and powerlifter

What is Eat Stop Eat?


Here are some of the benefits Eat Stop Eat brings to the table:

  • Optimal fat loss, minimal muscle mass loss
  • You can continue with your workout schedule- no energy and mood dips
  • Boosts fat-burning hormone production
  • Helps contain healthy testosterone levels
  • Compatible with most diets and lifestyles
  • Does not require the purchase of specific foods or supplements

What You Get

  • The Eat Stop Eat E-book


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Adam’s Opinion on Eat Stop Eat

Our Thoughts

The professional background and personal interests of author Brad Pilon have given him a truly one of a kind perspective on weight management and healthy living. Eat Stop Eat takes an idea that has been familiar to mankind for ages and develops it into a modern, effortless, no-brainer way to sculpt our bodies.

Thoughts on The Price

Fair - On par with other products like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • Original
  • High Quality