Are you struggling to make ends meet, or completely out of work, or dissatisfied with your current job? has your solution with an easy way to earn income from home. This product offers a way to get paid just for your opinions on products and services. Thousands of people are using this product to earn substantial income just by completing online surveys and participating in online focus groups. Large corporations spend millions of dollars each year to hear the opinions of regular people like you.

After forming an account with, you'll have access to an entire database of opportunities for you to earn cash quickly and easily. With nothing more than internet access, time, and an honest opinion, you can use this product to earn income right from the comfort of your home. You will pick from a variety of survey and focus group options, which vary by price and the expected amount of time required. Choose only the opportunities that appeal to you, and you'll begin earning money for your opinion.

This is a simple, easy to understand way to begin working from home immediately. You'll soon be earning income by completing fast, easy surveys and sharing your thoughts with some of America's largest companies. If you're looking for a way to make money from home, check out

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January 1, 2011


  • Also founded Extreme Wealth Mechanism
  • Considered one of the most popular internet marketers

What is


  • Earn an income from the comfort of your home
  • Earn up to $75 per survey
  • Earn up to $150 per hour for focus group participation
  • Get paid for your opinion
  • Easy payment options, including PayPal and checks

What You Get

  • Instant access to exclusive database of online research studies
  • 100 additional free resources to earn extra income online
  • Bonus: Access to other opportunities for income, including driving, writing, and reading emails
  • Bonus:┬áPersonal one-on-one consultation with professional success coach
  • Bonus: VIP Upgrade


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Our Thoughts

Despite a user-friendly interface and promises of easy earning opportunities, this is not a product that offers efficient ways to earn significant income. The surveys can become very time-consuming, and there is no guarantee you will be able to qualify and complete them to earn the payment. The initial cost is also expensive relative to other products, many of which are free.

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Expensive - Above others like it.

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Mostly negative reviews