Why Food4Wealth?

Are you dreaming about a green garden near your house and always having fresh veggies on your plate, but you don't have enough free time or feel too tired at the end of the day to take a shovel and rake into your hands? We understand you. It takes pretty much time and effort to get a harvest from your backyard. Imagine a magic garden that produces you lots of vegetables and regenerates itself while you almost do not put any effort to achieve it... No magic, just science. This is what Jonathan White thinks about it. He has put his thoughts into Food4Wealth manual that teaches you how to grow vegetables in environmentally friendly way with only a little of your time and effort. You will not only be supplied with fresh, organic veggies, you will also save time that you can devote to your beloved ones and earn extra cash by selling excess harvest.

Who is Behind Food4Wealth?

In Business Since

April 15, 2009


  • Bachelor’s Degree in  Applied Science in Ecology, qualifications in Horticulture and Landscape Design.
  • Over 20 years of experience as an environmental scientist and horticulturalist.
  • Author of several books about Indoor Plants and Interior Landscaping.
  • Teacher of  horticulture, landscape design and environmental science courses with Lifestyle Learning Direct,author of their Garden Design and Landscaping Course.
  • Has  a publication in G-Magazine.

What is Food4Wealth?


  • Learn how  to  make  your garden  produce  more  then    a usual  one does no  matter    where you live and what   is  the quality of  soil in your backyard. 
  • Get to  know how to  grow   vegetables  in   some of the most environmentally and ecologically friendly ways.
  • Grow   all types   of vegetables – tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, celery, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber and more. Sell the excess  you  harvest  and get  additional income.
  • Grow  winter  crops broccoli and Brussels sprouts
  • Grow   seedlings and collect seeds –   both  for yourself and   for  sell.
  • Find out  how to never  have  to do digging  again and  spend only 8 hours a  year in your  garden    to get  a rich harvest.
  • Save  money    fertilizing  your  garden  with   waste  from your household.
  • Say good-bye  to weeds for  good.
  • Create a  garden that repels  pests  naturally.

What You Get

  • Food4Wealth E-Book –  manual in PDF (80 pages).
  • Food4Wealth Audiobook .
  • 14 video tutorials in Flash format or Windows Media Files (60 min).
  • Project plan , maintenance plan and checklist  for additional guidance.


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • On Sale

Adam’s Opinion on Food4Wealth

Our Thoughts

Food4Wealth isn't a book on gardening, it is a manual that teaches you how to create a mini eco system right in your backyard. The manual is available in different formats , which is great. Whether you like to listen ,watch or to read, there is a solution for you. You will not need to invest into materials,fertilizers or chemicals - instead of this your garden will become a source of extra income for you. We recommend Food4Wealth to everyone who wants to use all of their garden's potential and gather the richest harvest.

Thoughts on The Price

Fair - On par with other products like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • Eco Friendly
  • High Quality
  • Innovative