Get a Girlfriend Fast

Why Get a Girlfriend Fast?

There is a lot of material in the success with women and dating world. There is no good way to get started rather than to jump right into it and get started. When doing this, it's important to touch on a lot of points in a short amount of time. Otherwise you can get stuck in the unnecessary details.

We believe that this product offers a valuable start for any new comer. The advice provided in this book is easy to understand and digest. It's also easily applicable by any guy. It's worth the attention.

Who is Behind Get a Girlfriend Fast?

In Business Since

January 1, 2000


  • Active in the dating advice community since the early 2000’s
  • Created several dating advice programs and books
  • Successful with women from an early age
  • Self-studied and researched the psychology of attraction
  • Learned through trial and error in his own life
  • One of the first dating coaches to emphasize improving yourself and your lifestyle

What is Get a Girlfriend Fast?


Very broad introduction to the materials of the seduction community, from an inner game focus.  For beginners, this is a great product.

What You Get

End to end instruction of Carlos Xuma’s method¬†method for meeting women all the way through to sleeping with them.


Adam’s Opinion on Get a Girlfriend Fast

Our Thoughts

For beginners this is a great product. For advanced people, there are better products out there.

Thoughts on The Price

Cheap - Cheaper than others like it

Popularity and Reviews

Positive and negative reviews