Guilt-Free Desserts

Why Guilt-Free Desserts E-Book?

Some people take food as way to indulge themselves,others see it as a source of benefit or damage for their health. No matter what category you fall into, no doubt you have some favorite desserts that you are hard to resist. Your favorite chocolate cake is oh, so tasty, but after you eat a piece you feel like you have committed a crime...

Kelley Herring will teach you how to combine taste and benefit in one meal. Her Guilt-Free Desserts E-book is packed with 50 recipes of desserts that won't cause any harm to your health or grow unwanted inches around your waist. In fact, the desserts the author offers will cause a fat-burning effect as they are made of ingredients that will boost your metabolism!

Delicious food is one of life biggest pleasures. When you learn how to make a mouth-watering, yet a healthy dessert you will never have to limit yourself in this pleasure anymore.

Who is Behind Guilt-Free Desserts E-Book?

In Business Since

June 10, 2003


  • Founder & CEO of Healing Gourmet.
  • Editor-in-Chief of a four-book series  including: Eat to Fight Cancer, Eat to Beat Diabetes, Eat to Lower Cholesterol and Eat to Boost Fertility.

What is Guilt-Free Desserts E-Book?


  • Learn  how to  cook 50 tasty and  healthy desserts. Nutritional information and   estimated  cooking  time  are  included for   each recipe.
  • Get information on   healthy flours,  fats  and sugar that you can replace health-harmful ingredients with in your  favorite   desserts to  give them a makeover.
  • Find  out  where  to buy the necessary  ingredients   and  what  are the best  brands   producing  them.

What You Get

  • Guilt-Free Desserts E-Book
  • Bonus#1:Better Breads E-Book
  • Bonus#2:Awesome Appetizers E-Book
  • Instant access to all  e-books


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Adam’s Opinion on Guilt-Free Desserts E-Book

Our Thoughts

This book is a must-have for everyone who cares about their health as well as health of their families. Kelley Herring not only shares recipes of healthy desserts with you, she gives you the information you need to know to turn any dessert into a healthy one.No more guilty feeling. Enjoy delicious desserts and stay healthy and in shape at the same time!

Thoughts on The Price

Fair - On par with other products like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • High Quality