Guy Gets Girl

Why Guy Gets Girl?

You need some help with your dating life, and are sick of taking tips from guys who clearly don't understand women. Wouldn't the best advice come from an actual woman? Probably, but are there any women out there who are willing to spill the secrets of their gender?

Guy Gets Girl is reportedly written by a woman named Tiffany Taylor. She claims she has betrayed all female-kind by compiling the best secrets about what women really want, how to approach women, and how to seduce them quickly and easily. Follow her tips and even if you're fat and ugly you'll soon have hot women swooning for you.

Wait, that last part sounds a little out there. But could it really happen like Tiffany Taylor says? And who is Tiffany Taylor anyway? Is she at all qualified, and can her advice really help you? Read on to find out.

Who is Behind Guy Gets Girl?

In Business Since

February 3, 2003


  • Authored and coauthored four books – Guy Gets Girl, Tiffany Tells All, Black Belt Seduction, and Guy Gets Girl: Advanced Attraction and Seduction Techniques
  • There is not much other information about Tiffany Taylor. One site claims she started as a dating coach in 2006, but the Guy Gets Girl website has been running since 2003.  Other websites claim she is an “award winning author” but no real proof of this can be found. The picture above is depicted as Tiffany Taylor on the website, but we have doubts about that too.

What is Guy Gets Girl?


  • How to approach women and get them to want you – even if you thought they were out of your league
  • Learn how to start conversations and read her body language
  • Seduce a woman quickly and easily
  • Manipulate the dating game in your favor
  • Get a girl even if you’re fat, old, and have a low paying job

What You Get

  • Guy Gets Girl e-book
  • Bonus e-book: “The Truth About Penis Enlargement” AND “Learn How to Enlarge Your Penis Inches, Safely, Naturally and for Free, In Less Than 1 Hour”
  • Bonus e-book: “The Definitive Microsex Guide”
  • Bonus e-book: “Conversation King”
  • Bonus e-book: “Secrets of a Sex Magnet”
  • Optional Upgrade for additional charge ($77 instead of $49.95) includes these bonus e-books: HypnoDate, Orgasmology, and PenisAdvantage


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Adam’s Opinion on Guy Gets Girl

Our Thoughts

We do not recommend Guy Gets Girl. One of the main reasons is that it is really difficult to say who actually wrote this book, what their qualifications are, and if they have enough knowledge to truly help you. Who is Tiffany Taylor? We have no clue! And did a woman truly write the guide? That is highly debatable. Another reason we do not recommend the product is because of some far-fetched claims. This line comes directly from the website (to see it directly, go to the first page, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Click here to find out more"): "It's true, being ugly or fat puts most women off. But not after you've learned my tricks! Women will subconsciously forget what you look like and will act on every word you say." Sorry guys, but it's not likely to happen. The makers of the product also boast that this is "The only dating and pickup guide written by a woman for men" This is simply not true. Another dating advice product for men that is written by a woman is Wing Girl Method. This product was written by Marni Kinrys who truly is an expert dating coach (as demonstrated by schooling, training, awards, and multiple appearances in the media). If you're a man out there who is looking for a woman's advice in dating, we recommend you try Wing Girl Method instead.

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Fair - On par with other products like it

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Mostly positive reviews.