Live Off Your Passion

Why Live Off Your Passion?

The number of people stuck in jobs they do not enjoy is ridiculously high. Since you are reading this review, chances are you are one of them. Fears, insecurity, debts and obligations all seem to unite and stop you from pursuing your dream. Live Off Your Passion is here to help you work through all these issues and take the bull by the horns.

What you are looking at is step-by-step program developed to inspire you and make you embrace your own potential. It is not a question of if you have it, because you most certainly do. It is only a matter of finding out exactly what it is. And then turning it into a way for you to support yourself, your family and get up with a smile every morning. You are probably thinking this is easier said than done, but if you give it a chance Live Off Your Passion will prove you wrong.

It is way more than just the plain words of one person. It is based on the experience of countless world-known experts and self-made entrepreneurs. People just like you, who had the courage to make the change they so desperately needed. Live Off Your Passion will open your eyes to so many of the possibilities out there and will show you how much truth there is in the old saying that when you work the dream, you live the dream.

Who is Behind Live Off Your Passion?

In Business Since

July 1, 2006


  • Runs own successful Investment Management Business
  • Guest Lecturer, University of California at Santa Barbara: Entrepreneurial Marketing (2007- 2009)
  • Founder of Live Your Legend
  • Has been featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes and The Washington Times
  • Gave a TEDxTalk in 2012 on How To Find And Do Work You Love
  • Live Off Your Passion has been voted #1 Best Personal Development Product of 2011

What is Live Off Your Passion?


LIve Off Your Passion will help you:

  • Find out what you want to do with your life
  • Learn how to turn your dreams into profitable business ideas
  • Work up the courage and confidence you need to succeed
  • Break the chains of that dull, unsatisfying job
  • Make your dreams work for you

What You Get

8 Live Off Your Passion Modules

  • Reconditioning What`s Possible
  • Building Your Compass & Becoming a Self-Expert
  • Creating Your Environment & Connecting with the Passionate People that Make Everything Possible
  • Cultivating Passion, Making Your Discovery & the Birth of Mini-Experiments
  • Turning Fear Into Fuel
  • Choosing a Passion & Deciding which Dream to Live
  • Testing Reality & the Intersection of Passion and Profit
  • Modelling the Impossible & Converting Your Passion Into a Business

Members-Only Access to a Team of World Class Experts and Entrepreneurs

Over 12-Hours of Videos to Show You How They Did It


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Adam’s Opinion on Live Off Your Passion

Our Thoughts

Live Off Your Passion is here to show that it is, in fact, possible to love your job. Not just possible, but actually quite easy. And not just for a few lucky souls, but for everyone. All you have to do is follow your dreams and Live Off Your Passion teaches you how.

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