Old School New Body

Why Old School New Body?

As you do your best to balance between home, the job and everything else that is going on in your life, you tend to forget you need to take care of yourself. You put on weight, you start to look and feel tired, even beyond your age, but you still keep at it, because hey, nobody has 10 or more hours a week to lose in the gym. Well, with Old School New Body you will only need 90 minutes. Per week. Not per day. Per week.

The system is created for those aged 35+ who have so much going on, that it is impossible for them to afford long workouts. What it brings to the table is this: short, but highly effective routines that train all parts of the body in a matter of minutes. Plus crystal clear instructions on how to adjust your feeding habits not only for optimal fat loss, but anti-aging as well. Yes, anti-aging. Old School New Body makes a point of helping you feel and look younger.

The F4X Protocol offers a 3-phase solution to your weight problem. You can basically shed the extra pounds (phase 1) or take it a step further and put on lean, sexy muscle (phase 2). If you want to look like a fitness pro, Old School New Body (phase 3) is here to help you with that as well. You and only you are in control of your transformation.

Who is Behind Old School New Body?

In Business Since

November 15, 2011


  • Steve has been editor-in-chief of the Iron Man Magazine for over 20 years
  • Has written over 10 books on training, nutrition, bodybuilding
  • Has won the title Best Conventional Bench Presser
  • Has been a member of the IM Training Center for over 10 years
  • Becky started her personal transformation at the age of 41 and is currently a successful trainer

What is Old School New Body?


  • Reverse both aging and weight gain in only 90 minutes a week
  • You are in control- choose between the 3 possible phases of transformation
  • Learn how to work out in a safe, yet effective way
  • Find out which foods to stay away from
  • Make use of the many available bonuses and improve your overall well-being

What You Get

  • The “Old School New Body” E-book

Numerous bonuses, including the following e-books:

  • F4X Quick Start Workout Guide
  • Burn FatĀ  Faster!
  • Build More Muscle: Natural Anabolics!
  • Keep the Drive Alive: Sex and Attraction Boosters and Anti-Aging Secrets!
  • Live the Good Life: Health & Happiness Tactics
  • Plus Hours of Free Videos and Interviews with World Renowned Fat Loss, Health and Beauty Experts


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • On Sale

Adam’s Opinion on Old School New Body

Our Thoughts

Old School New Body is created especially for those 35+ out there who don`t have 10 free hours a week to spend at the gym. As the authors Becky and Steve Holman say themselves: "We have a life, thank you". The F4X method shows how 90 minutes a week, mind you not day, can keep off both fat and aging.

Thoughts on The Price

Cheap - Cheaper than others like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • Authentic
  • Bargain
  • Original
  • High Quality
  • Innovative