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Why Real Writing Jobs?

You've heard that there has been tremendous growth in online writing jobs, and it sounds like something you could do. You love writing! Plus, the opportunity to work at home and say goodbye to your 9-5 desk job would be great! There is only one problem - how do you get started?

Real Writing Jobs wants you to start with them. For $68 - actually $34 when you use the 50% off coupon code - you'll get a listing of freelance writing jobs. Choose the ones that interest you, apply and soon you'll be making money - maybe even a full-time income, depending on how hard you work.

The possibility of becoming a freelance writer is truly exciting. You'd love to work at home, from your own computer, and choose only the jobs that appeal to you. But should you pay for this service? And will Real Writing Jobs give you the best start to your freelancing career? This review will help you decide.

Who is Behind Real Writing Jobs?

In Business Since

April 14, 2009


  • Company has been in business since 2005
  • Company has a C+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • Company has responded to all complaints filed with the BBB

What is Real Writing Jobs?


  • Make a great income working online from home
  • Set your own hours
  • Pick the topics you write about
  • Get access to new jobs every day

What You Get

  • Access to the members area with job listings
  • Bonus: Automatic Article Writer
  • Bonus: Automatic Idea Generator
  • Bonus: Automatic Novel Writer
  • Bonus: MaxType Lite Typing Trainer
  • Bonus: Nick Daws Interview
  • Bonus: The Writer’s Best Friend


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Delivery

Adam’s Opinion on Real Writing Jobs

Our Thoughts

We're on the fence about Real Writing Jobs, but have decided to give it a small recommendation, based mainly on how it operates in comparison to other paid job sites. One thing we don't like: On the second page of the site (after you enter your email) they feature a check and say "This was the first check I received after completing my first writing job." The only problem is that the check is from the company Survey Savvy (they faded out the word Survey), and Survey Savvy pays people to take surveys, NOT to write! Well, that aside there are things we do like about Real Writing Jobs. For one, it seems that they do deliver on what they promise, meaning your membership fee will give you a listing of freelance writing jobs. Yes, you can find the information elsewhere for free, but if you want a list to get you started it may be worth the money. There are also some complains about refunds, but it looks like most people got their money back when requested. Perhaps the biggest factor that weighs in to our recommendation is the company's C+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. While this doesn't sound impressive, consider that most other paid job sites are rated F - so in comparison C+ is pretty good. The company actually started in 2005, so it's not one of those sneaky companies that changes its name when it gets bad reviews. It also has responded to all 17 complaints, which is not typical of these types of companies/websites. Overall you could save your money and search for online writing jobs for free. But if you'd rather pay money to get a list of jobs, Real Writing Jobs is one of the better ones out there.

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