Rousing The Lion

Why Rousing The Lion?

Relationships are hard work. There is a man you like, but don`t know how to get close to, or you are already spending time together, but you`re worried you won`t keep him interested for long, you want to make him commit, but are scared he`ll pull away if you push too hard. You put in a lot of effort, but are not getting the response you were hoping for. So many problems, so many ways you could get your heart broken.

Know that it doesn`t have to be like this. What you are looking at now is a true gem amongst the thousands of books and advice columns written on relationships. Rousing The Lion by JD Fuentes will help you understand what makes a man want a woman not just for a short while, but for as long as she`ll have him.

It will give you insides on how men think, how they make sense of the world around them and why what you`ve been doing so far could have been falsely interpreted. It`s like a break down of the whole “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” theory, but one that actually answers your questions instead of just making you even more confused than you were to begin with.

You will learn how a certain behavior and manner of talking can tap directly into a man`s sub conscience and strongly influence the way he sees you. Whether you want to make him notice you for the first time or rekindle old passion, you will find yourself doing so with greater ease and confidence than before.

Who is Behind Rousing The Lion?

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January 1, 2001


  • Internationally endorsed relationship expert
  • Author of more than one books on relationships and sexual attraction, including the bestseller “The Sexual Key”

What is Rousing The Lion?


  • Learn why men act the way they do when it comes to relationships
  • Understand the differences between men`s and women`s way of thinking
  • Use this difference to inspire attraction, passion and desire in the man you want
  • Find out how to influence the way he sees you and feels about you

What You Get

  • Rousing The Lion v2.1 e-book
  • Bonus: How To Secretly And Magnetically Attract Strong Men audio program
  • Bonus: How To Connect With A Powerful Man`s Secret Unconscious Relationship needs audio program
  • Bonus: How To Sensually Enthrall Him & Create Life-Long Physical Passion audio program
  • Bonus: How To Attune Yourself To Confidence And Permission audio program
  • Bonus: access to a membership only online community


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Adam’s Opinion on Rousing The Lion

Our Thoughts

Of the thousands of books written to help women understand men better, Rousing The Lion by author JD Fuentes is a true gem. It provides in-depth information and advice on what drives men to act and feel the way they do about women, and how to tap into that process, and alter it to achieve the lasting passion and commitment that are the pillars of a healthy relationship.

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Mostly positive reviews.

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