Save on Airfare Secrets

Why Save on Airfare Secrets?

For one reason or the other, we all would love to save money particularly on air travels. Airfare can at times be expensive and way beyond the budget of many people. Some people waste loads of precious time combing the internet for ways to save money on airfare without much success. In solution to this, an air travel agent who was fired after over sixteen years of service for major airline companies has written a guide that may be the solution to saving on airfare.

The Save On Airfare Secrets is an e-book showing how to save money on every bit of traveling. The book explores the loopholes of the ticketing system, the time of travel, day of travel among others to give you the secrets to save thousands of dollars each year from air travel. The book is written by a former airline ticketing agent with enough experience to guide you on what you need to do if you want to travel cheap, enjoy free meals, free car and hotel rentals. He also tells of the best ways to purchase air tickets online, how to earn free discount vouchers, how to get promotional deals, how to get travel rewards and much more!

If you are planning to travel by air and wish to save some coins by getting massive discounts on airline tickets, hotel stays and car rentals, then this is the right book for you. This book will make you have the joy of knowing that each time you travel, you do it at the best and lowest possible costs.

Who is Behind Save on Airfare Secrets?

In Business Since

July 30, 2006


  • Worked for a major airline corporation for 16 years.
  • Was fired over a bogus excuse.
  • Before being fired, he worked as a travel agent
  • Once fired, he wrote the Save On Airfare secrets book to help travelers save on airfare.

What is Save on Airfare Secrets?


  • Get to knock of $100 from your next flight’s ticket purchase
  • Save thousands of dollars each year in air travel.
  • Know hundreds of discounted promotions airlines offer every day.
  • Learn how to get free upgrades on car and hotel rentals
  • Get the best seats during your travel.
  • Get free food during your flight.
  • Know the best time to start planning your trip

What You Get

  • Save on Airfare Secrets Guide
  • Good Seats guide
  • Hotel Reservation Secret Manual
  • Car rental secret manual
  • Cruise travel secret manual
  • Holiday Plus Travel Planner Software
  • Seven Language Phrase Guides Set


  • Free Delivery

Adam’s Opinion on Save on Airfare Secrets

Our Thoughts

Even though some claim that the information in this book can be found through online research, it is a faster way of directly getting the means to saving money on airline travels fast.

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