The Truth About Cellulite

Why Naked Beauty: Cellulite Reduction?

As we get older, our bodies change in ways that can be detrimental to our love lives and our self-esteem. Cellulite is one issue faced by thousands of women--sagging skin, puckers, and dimples are all a part of cellulite and can be quite a shock to face in the mirror as you reach your mid thirties to forties.

You don't have to be resigned to a cellulite-ridden lower body--with the Naked Body program, Joey Atlas shows you simple exercises to tone and firm up your buttocks, legs, and thighs to get results in just 60 days or your money back.

There's no need for cellulite to be a mind-life crisis. Get back to feeling like your healthy, younger self--reclaim your love life and regain your self-esteem. Tone, firm, and strengthen your lower body muscles in 8 weeks--guaranteed!

Who is Behind Naked Beauty: Cellulite Reduction?

In Business Since

January 1, 1999


  • 2 degrees in Excercise physiology
  • Women’s Body Enhancement Specialist
  • 23 years of experience with clients in 193 countries
  • Founder of Symulast: Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation
  • His methods and approach earned him spots in global publications, such as:, Harper’s BAZAAR, Costco Magazine, The Times Union and OnFitness Magazine
  • Author of Fatness to Fitness

What is Naked Beauty: Cellulite Reduction?


  • Get rid of puckered skin, dimples, sagginess
  • Tone your buttocks, thighs, legs 
  • Achieve a smooth, firm lower body in 60 days guaranteed!

What You Get

Private Instant Access to:

  • Naked Beauty tutorial videos
  • Guide book with easy to follow instructions and photos
  • Personal Cellulite Reduction Schedule
  • Anti Cellutlite Cardio Summary
  • Gone for Good DVD to maintain your cellulite-free body
  • Private subscription to e-newsletter

Free online videos:

  • Flat Sexy Stomach
  • Tightly Toned Arms


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • On Sale

Adam’s Opinion on Naked Beauty: Cellulite Reduction

Our Thoughts

The Naked Beauty Cellulite Reduction program is an exercise program created by globally-known personal trainer Joey Atlas. This program is well-outlined to show you how to get rid of cellulite naturally, without pills, expensive creams, or body wrap treatments.

Thoughts on The Price

Fair - On par with other products like it

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive reviews.

  • Bargain
  • High Quality