Underground Dating Seminar

Why Underground Dating Seminar?

Let's face it - you could use a little help in the dating department. There are so many steps to go through in getting a girl: the first impression, approaching her, getting her number, talking on the phone, planning the date, getting her in bed. You always seem to strike out in at least one of these steps, leaving you single and lonely. You're beyond frustrated. You need help NOW.

Brad P has the solution, because what you really need are tips from an experienced guy - one who juggles phone numbers and sleeps with multiple women every month. Rated the number 1 Pickup Artist in the WORLD, he has been holding seminars for years and helping thousands of guys meet and hook up with women. Instead of having to fly to NYC and pay the hefty seminar fee, right now you can get all his tips and tricks in instant-access mp3s for only $99.

Following Brad's instructions, you'll suddenly gain more confidence when approaching women. You'll be getting numbers, going on dates, and sleeping with hot women in no time. The effects of Brad's coaching will then extend to all aspects as your life, as everything seems to suddenly fall into place.

Who is Behind Underground Dating Seminar?

In Business Since

January 1, 2013


  • Self-taught dating coach
  • Named #1 Pickup Artist (PUA) in the world by many internet surveys including Thundercat’s Top Ten, The Seduction Bible’s Top Ten and Sinn’s of Attraction’s Top Ten
  • Has been teaching men how to succeed with women for over 5 years now
  • Held underground seminars at a secret location in NYC, and these live recordings are available to you in the Underground Dating Seminar

What is Underground Dating Seminar?


  • How to improve your appearance
  • How to approach women
  • How to get a woman’s phone number and what to say on the phone
  • Tips for dating and pleasing women sexually
  • How to get a girlfriend OR sleep with multiple women (depending on what you’re looking for)

What You Get

  • Over 12 hours of audio from the live underground seminars, including:
  • Seminar 1: Identity and Approaching
  • Seminar 2: Approach and Phone Game
  • Seminar 3: Meeting Up
  • Bonus: Underground Dating Seminar User’s Manual (emailed to you 3-days after purchase)
  • Bonus: Diary of a Pickup Artist (e-book)
  • Bonus: Geeks Get Girls (e-book)
  • Bonus: Copy of month 1 and month 2 of the 30-30 Club (e-book)


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Adam’s Opinion on Underground Dating Seminar

Our Thoughts

We highly recommend Brad P's Underground Dating Seminar. The main reason we recommend it is because the product is created by a very successful pickup artist, so you're definitely getting the words of a pro. In addition, the audios are very organized and contain a ton of great topics that will help you with women. This product is pricier than other products on the market, so it's a bigger investment and meant for guys who are really into success with women.

Thoughts on The Price

Expensive - Above others like it.

Popularity and Reviews

Mostly positive and independent reviews.

  • Authentic
  • Original
  • High Quality
  • Innovative