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Dream Job Coaching Online Store

The Dream Job Coaching Online Store is a one stop shop. Whether you are after a raise at your current job or a brand new career, the Joel A. Garfinkle e-books can offer valuable insight and advice.

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Live Off Your Passion

Live Off Your Passion is here to show that it is, in fact, possible to love your job. Not just possible, but actually quite easy. And not just for a few lucky souls, but for everyone. All you have to do is follow your dreams and Live Off Your Passion teaches you how.

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The Amazing Cover Letter Creator

The Amazing Cover Letter Creator uses clever marketing techniques to make you stand out from the other applicants and get you the job interviews you want. The available bonuses and extras can also help you write an impressive resume, ace the interview itself and successfully negotiate the desired salary. Watch out for the pop-up chat box when you try to leave the page- this is when you get the $19.95 special discount offer, instead of the $39.95 one made during the video presentation.

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The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers

The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Answers is a valuable tool for every job seeker. It covers many of the trick questions asked during interviews and various answering techniques. The bonuses will no doubt be helpful as well, as they provide information on a wide array of topics, related to both job hunting and personal development.

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7 Insider Hiring Secrets System

The 7 Insider Hiring Secrets System revolves mostly around the so called "Magic T-Bar Cover Letter". Although some things could be said about the choice of adjective, it is a fact that this type of cover letter is extremely results-oriented and is bound to catch the attention of the potential employers. It is different, simple and to the point.

The system also teaches you how to negotiate a higher salary- an upside no one could argue with.

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Premium Career Guides

The Premium Career Guides are a step-by-step manual on how to get that job you wan so badly. The e-books cover everything from finding the opening, even if not announced to the wide public, to nailing the interview and landing the position on your own terms.

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The Ultimate Teaching Position

The Ultimate Teaching Position is one of the most hunted products on United States. The product quality is good. Many reviews has proved that this product has good quality, so most of the buyers are satisfied. We recommend this product.

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Door-To-Door Sales Tips

If you knock on doors for a living, the Door-To-Door Sales Tips e-book and video course are a good buy. Regardless of how much experience you have under your belt, there is always something new to be learned, something old to be remembered, or some aspects to improve. And this product is certainly a step in the right direction.

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Tutor and Grow Rich

The Tutor and Grow Rich System claims to have all the answers to starting and developing your own tutoring business. This might actually be true, provided you don`t have many or complicated questions and haven`t even bothered researching for yourself.

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Real Translator Jobs

We do not recommend Real Translator Jobs. Like many of these 'work at home' sites, you should always question whether it is worth it to pay for a job (I mean, it should be the other way around, right?) And like many of these sites, typically you can find the information for free with a little internet searching of your own. Now these two things do not necessarily exclude all work at home offers - sometimes a few bucks is completely worth the opportunities provided. However, in the case of Real Translator Jobs, there are many negative reviews. People claim that they couldn't access the member's area, and those who did said the "job list" was actually just a list of companies that you have to pursue yourself (and some of the links don't even work). Others have complained about having refund issues, although many successfully got refunds eventually through the help of ClickBank and PayPal. The Better Business Bureau rating echos these concerns. It is rated F, mainly because of 4 complaints - three of which were unresolved by the company. There is definitely a demand for translators, but we recommend you look elsewhere rather than paying for Real Translator Jobs.

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We do not recommend purchasing the services of The website requires that you use their resume format because it is "based on industry requirements." What you get is a generic and plain resume, and no help in improving it or tailoring it to the industry. It is questionable whether they really have an email database as large as they claim (1200 oil companies), but since they send all resumes to the same locations and use the same resume format, you're not likely to catch any employer's eye. There are a mix of reviews online, and the positive ones always cite a 'money back guarantee.' In fact, if you read the policy carefully, they never say they'll give you your money back - what they say is that as a worst case scenario they'll try to find you any job, even if it means that they have to contact an employment agency in your area (which obviously you can do on your own - for free!) Finally, the most important reason that we don't recommend this product is negative reviews. In fact, in 2010 the Dallas BBB mentioned Rig Worker in an article about scammers targetting job-seekers in the poor economy. If you're looking for a job in the oil industry, save your money and instead try a free job database, such as

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We'd like to strongly recommend that you DO NOT join the "College Student Work" program at The site is run by the company "Regional Distribution Center" - although they try to hide this fact on by listing it in small letters at the bottom as "RDC." This company has a solid F rating on the Better Business Bureau website AND is classified by the BBB as "sale by deceptive telemarketing." It appears the site was created to lure college students in with the idea that they can make money doing surveys and reading company emails even "while watching TV" (yes, the site does claim that). Yes, you can make money (albeit very little) completing surveys online, but survey companies are FREE to join. If you pay for "College Student Work" on you'll just be throwing away $20.

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